Torq Tet Pinline Longboard Longboard Surfboard



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Torq longboards from the tet series are extremely versatile boards. The size 8'0, 8'6 and 9'0 are more pointed than the rest in order to surf with it like a funboard . The rest are standard longboards , with a medium rocker and a fairly wide nose , they offer great stability and maneuverability . All levels can surf with it, from beginners who want to learn on a stable board to experienced surfers who want to enjoy nose riding.

Fins provided.

Sizes :

8'0 x 22' x 3' 60L
8'6 x 22 1/2' x 3 1/8' 67.2 L
9'0 x 22 3/4' x 3 1/8' 72 L
9'1 x 23' x 3 1/8' 77L
9'6 x 23 1/2' x 3 1/4' 88L

Type of waves : Suitable for all conditions, from small gentle waves to medium hollow waves.

Level : For beginner surfers looking for a stable longboard to advanced surfers who want to have fun with a longboard.

Outline : Hybrid

Rocker : Medium for easy nose riding.

Tail : Squash tail, for maximum versatility.

Fins : Thruster (3 fins) or single (1 fin)

Construction : Torq Epoxy Technology or TET constructed using the latest EPS/epoxy materials; Torq Epoxy technology assembles a lightweight EPS core with biaxial fiberglass fabric, epoxy resin and our unique Shield Skin.
High-tech Torq composite is built in the most advanced molds on the planet - precision CNC cut from a single block of aluminum - creating the most perfect reproduction every time.

Season SS23