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Intermediate to expert surfers looking for performance , tricks and barrels trust shortboards . Many people ask the question: What is a shortboard and what use and surfer is it for?

This type of surfboard from 5'0" for children up to 6'10" has a rather pointed outline (shape) with a fairly small volume . With rocker (banana shape) at the nose to the tail and rather thin rails, you can, if your level allows it, make pronounced carves and ride hollow waves.

Good news with the evolution of surfing, these boards are no longer reserved for the elite of the WCT.

The range of shortboards from the leading brand Torq is wide enough with variations of models and sizes to suit pro riders as well as more casual surfers. For 2023, HawaiiSurf offers you the biggest selection of boards in Europe with the Comp 2 , the Pg-R , the Multiplier , the Go-Kart or the famous Big Boy .

Our team of experts and surfing enthusiasts is at your disposal to advise you on the board that will give you the most satisfaction.

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Shortboard Gray
Sizes:  5.10 5.6

Torq Pg-r Act

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