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All our TSG helmets for Roller Derby & Skateboard

Find all TSG protective helmets , unparalleled quality and expertise to protect you in the practice of your passion!

TSG protection brand has been a specialist in boardsports protection since its creation in 1988. It protects on all terrains: skateboarding, snowboarding and rollerblading. A little historical anecdote, on December 9, 1999, the famous skater Tony Hawk was able to approve the quality of TSG helmets in spite of himself, by hitting his head violently in an attempt to loop and thanked his sponsor.

Among the products in the TSG range we find the TSG helmets, very useful in skateboarding and snowboarding and more recently adopted by roller derby players! The protection kits and the crash pant are also multi-categories. The brand even offers spare kits to keep your protections even longer without losing the quality of protection.

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TSG Black
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Tsg Elbowpad Roller Derby 3.0

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