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Ultimate Boards Sol Surfskate 32 Fishtail


Ref product : SW10821
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The Surfskate Sol 32 " is mounted with Flux surf trucks that will allow you to engage in extremely tight turns that will replicate trajectories similar to those of a surfer. This truck system will also allow you to pump without having to push. great alternative for anyone wanting to improve their surf turns on flat days.

With its retro shape, the Surfskate Sol 32 " takes up the design of a typical "fish" surfboard which will give the board reactivity and agility.

For more reactivity and for ever shorter and tighter turns, the deck is slightly hollowed out at the level of the passage of the wheels in order to avoid "wheelbites" (blocking of the wheels). The wheels form the perfect combination of speed and grip, even on rough concrete.

Deck : 7-ply solid maple

Size : 32 "

Trucks : 159mm Flux Trucks

Bearings : Abec 7

Wheels : Ultimate 70mm, 78A

Season FW21/22
Truck Type Flux