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The success of the Union brand has been made in part thanks to its emblematic snowboard binding model, the Force . If like the Frenchy Arthur Longo you are looking for a versatile , efficient and robust model then look no further. In addition to Union's many patented technologies , the Force returns in 2022 with a range of designs that are just as sober and with even better straps. Buying a Union Force binding means consuming responsibly by investing in a quality product that will last several years for top sessions. When in doubt, there is no doubt choose the Force for carefree sessions!

Practice : Freestyle, all mountain, freeride, piste. It's the model for riding everything with comfort and performance. We recommend the Force to go with a medium flex board.

Flex : 7/10 for maximum performance without neglecting comfort and tweaks .

Baseplate : Stage 4 Duraflex combined with a 3D extruded aluminum arch for optimal heel support and precise transmission on the edge. It's the strongest Union technology on the market. Cushioning system under the feet in EVA material to reduce vibrations and facilitate heavy landings. Light canting (incline) under the foot, for a more natural position and less tiring sessions for the knees. Lifetime warranty on the base and the arch .

Spoiler : Balanced stiffness and responsiveness for maximum performance and versatility. Adjustable to best suit your natural position.

Straps : Comfortable and easily adjustable without tools. Easy to put on and tighten. The toe strap has a Rhombus TS 2.0 grip and the Exoframe 4.0 ankle strap will guarantee top durability .

Buckles : Made of magnesium, Union's magnesium technology is the strongest. 4 times stronger and 2 times lighter than aluminum . What more ?

Disc : Universal disc compatible with 4x4, 2x4 boards and the Burton Channel system.

Season FW22/23
Riding Style Freestyle - Park
Riding Style Slope - Carving
Riding Style Versatile - Freeride
Riding Style Versatile - Freestyle
Entry Mode Classic
Stiffness Intermediate
Snowboard Inserts 2x2
Snowboard Inserts 2x4
Snowboard Inserts Channel