Union Cadet Black Junior Bindings



Ref product : UNI21FABI0052


The Cadet snowboard binding from Union Binding Company is the reference binding specially designed for beginner to intermediate level kids who want to progress under all types of terrain , whether freestyle or more widely on All-Mountain ! Scalable, they will be light and comfortable to help your kids reach new heights!

Equipped with a flexible flex , the padded Duraflex spoilers will allow your children to ride comfortably and that by being perfectly maintained with light and ergonomic bindings perfectly conforming to the shape of the foot ! As for the Stage 8 Duraflex base , it will be light , durable and comfortable thanks to its thermoformed EVA pads which considerably reduce vibrations when speeding , shocks or even when landing in the park ! The Forma ankle straps will perfectly match the shape of the boots with a certain lightness and robustness specific to the brand! With all this, the foot will be perfectly well maintained playing on the reactivity of the board as well as on the precision allowing the sliding of your kids to evolve quickly!

Practice : Freestyle / All-Mountain

Terrain : Snowpark: 7/10 // Track: 10/10 // Freeride - BackCountry: 5/10

Flex : 4/10 , Supple, this flex is intended for beginner riders or freestylers because of its indulgence when it comes to landings but also for its flexibility on heelside turns

Base : Stage 8 Duraflex , Lightweight, robust and comfortable with its thermoformed EVA pads significantly reducing vibrations during shocks, picking up speed or small landings

Spoiler : Cadet Duraflex , Symmetrical and padded made with light and ergonomic materials. Cadet Duraflex Spoilers can also easily adjust and tilt forward as needed

Straps : Strap Forma + Toe Strap TS-4.0 , Comfortable, light and rigid straps holding your ankle perfectly well for quality tightening thanks to the non-slip without compression points

Buckles : ST 4.0 , lightweight, durable buckles for an easy fit with shorter buckles helping reduce weight and compression points that can get in the way of a great day's ride!

Disc : Universal disc compatible with 4x2 , 4x4 , 3D boards and the Burton Channel system

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Season FA21
Riding Level Beginner - Intermediate
Riding Style Versatile - Freestyle
Entry Mode Classic
Stiffness Flexy
Snowboard Inserts 3d
Snowboard Inserts 2x4
Snowboard Inserts Channel
Snowboard Inserts 2x2