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Union Flite Pro Hyper Blue Fixations Homme


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We present to you the favorite binding of famous rider Johnny O'Connor , the Flite Pro from Union Binding Company ! This binding is very Freestyle / All-Mountain oriented, dedicated to beginner to intermediate level riders looking for a flexible binding allowing them to reach committed jibs and big tricks in park and backcountry !

Some changes are to be noted compared to the previous season! The year 2022 promises to be full of technology with the new Forma Strap which will allow you to gain comfort and which will offer you optimal lightweight and durable support, adapting to any model of boots on the market! The straps at the end of the TS 4.0 Toe Strap boots will provide real support on the tip of the boots with light , durable and redesigned straps with a new, shorter buckle base helping to considerably reduce the weight of these but also the points pressures that can create significant discomfort during your days at altitude! The Stage 12 Flite Pro Duraflex Highback spoiler is the most efficient benchmark freestyle spoiler on the market. Lightweight and durable, it has the same driving elements as the famous Falcor binding, all at a lower price ! The base will be in the form of a lighter plate with the design called Duraflex Stage 8 allowing to reduce by more than 10g the weight of the Flite Pro !

Practice : Freestyle / All-Mountain

Terrain : Snowpark: 8/10 // Track: 10/10 // Freeride - BackCountry: 4/10

Flex : 4/10 Flexible , they will be ideal for beginners because of their indulgence, but will appeal all the more to freestyle practitioners who will appreciate, like beginners, the indulgence as well as the flexibility allowing to put more strength in order to '' perform supports for powerful ollies or grabs

Base : Stage 8 Duraflex , the lightest base on the market reducing its weight by 10g and compatible with all mounting models

Spoiler : Stage 12 Flite Pro Duraflex Highback , the best spoiler on the freestyle market lightweight and incredible durable with excellent value for money

Straps : Strap Forma + Toe Strap TS-4.0 , Comfortable, light and rigid straps holding your ankle perfectly well for quality tightening thanks to the non-slip without compression points

Buckles : ST 4.0 , lightweight, durable buckles for an easy fit with shorter buckles helping reduce weight and compression points that can get in the way of a great day's ride!

Disc : Universal disc compatible with 4x2 , 4x4 , 3D boards and the Burton Channel system

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Season FA21
Riding Level Beginner - Intermediate
Entry Mode Classic
Stiffness Flexy
Snowboard Inserts Channel
Snowboard Inserts 2x2
Snowboard Inserts 3D
Snowboard Inserts 2x4
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