United By Blue Insulated Steel Travel Mug 53cl Navy



Ref product : 707-281NAV


Are you looking for a practical and responsible solution to transport your hot or cold drinks on a daily basis? Then this stainless steel bottle is for you! The " Insulated 18 oz " model is a small, easily transportable version that will make your life easier! Adopt this simple and environmentally friendly gesture by limiting the consumption of plastic bottles as much as possible. So don't wait any longer to do a good deed! Every little bit counts ...

Double insulation that keeps drinks hot for 12 hours and drinks cold for 24 hours.

This product holds The Smart Choice label. Eco-responsible certified. You too join the movement, for every product sold, United by Blue is committed to doing a good deed. For example, for every sale, United by Blue collects 1 liter of waste from our oceans.

Capacity : 18 oz (53 cl)

Season FW21/22