United By Blue Insulated Steel Mug De Voyage Silver 53 Cl



Ref product : 707-281MET
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Are you looking for a practical and responsible solution for transporting your hot or cold drinks on a daily basis? Say goodbye to plastic water bottles, this stainless steel bottle is for you! The " Insulated Steel 53cl " model is a lighter and more easily transportable version than the large 1L format . This water bottle will make your life easier! Adopt this simple and environmentally friendly gesture by limiting your daily plastic consumption. So don't wait any longer to do a good deed! Every little bit counts...

Double insulation that keeps drinks hot for 12 hours and drinks cold for 24 hours.

This product holds The Smart Choice label. Certified eco-responsible. You too join the movement, for each product sold, United by Blue is committed to carrying out a good deed. For example, for each sale, United by Blue collects 1 liter of waste from our oceans.

Capacity : 53cl

Material : Stainless steel

Washing : Only by hand

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Season FW22/23