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Concerned about the well-being of the environment and more particularly the preservation of the oceans , United by Blue , an eco-responsible American brand was created in 2010. Since then, the brand remains as committed as ever . It is strongly demonstrating against plastic pollution of the oceans by offering products only made from sustainable and recyclable materials . It also multiplies good actions by mobilizing their community to adopt eco-responsible actions for the well-being of our oceans, by organizing, for example, beach cleaning missions.

Plastic pollution of the oceans is one of the most important current problems. Every day, millions of marine animals are threatened, coastlines are increasingly degraded and drinking water is continually contaminated. This is why United By Blue is committed as a company to assert and transmit to its customers, its community, important values to adopt now. They offer alternative and simple solutions to solve this major problem, by offering reusable utensil kits, water bottles, etc ... United by Blue manufactures all its products in an ethical way, all items are certified eco-responsible thanks to the The Smart Choice label held by the company on all the products offered. In addition to this environmentally conscious manufacturing, for every product sold United by Blue is committed to removing one liter of waste from the oceans and waterways.

On HawaiiSurf , we suggest you adopt its eco-responsible actions at a good value for money . We are definitely forgetting plastic bottles, to adopt the new United by Blue recyclable bottles now. Beyond gourds, you will also find cups and mugs , but especially reusable utensil kits . All of these products are made primarily from stainless steel . We also offer 100% organic cotton ready-to-wear accessories, such as caps, bandanas and reversible backpacks. The inspirations of United by Blue, can be found mainly in nature . From mountains to forests to the oceans. These natural environments are strongly represented on each of their articles in order to mobilize consumers more in the preservation of the flora and fauna of our planet.

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