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The USD brand, Universal Skate Design, was created by Powerslide in 1997. A pillar of aggressive and freestyle skating, it has constantly evolved in search of innovations to advance the discipline. It offers models of complete skates adapted to all. The flagship of the brand being the Throne Allstar. The latest innovation from USD is the USD carbon roller, the first aggressive carbon roller, light and resistant, among the best boots of aggressive roller skating. Among the range we find the Franky Carbon, pro-model of Franky Morales. We also count in the ranks of USD roller some of the biggest names of roller street, namely Aaron Feinberg and Carlos Pianoski for the old ones, or even Demetrios George and Montre Livingston for the more recent ones.

The brand also offers aggressive inline skates for the youngest. With the same quality as the adult models, the USD roller skates models for children and teenagers have nothing to envy to the larger models, they are perfectly adapted to the morphology of young people by offering them a performance that will make them evolve quickly.

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