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Venon 7'0 Gopher Planche De Surf Hybride


Ref product : ABH0700003PRP03


Do you want a high- performance mini egg in polyester to carve and cruise on as many waves as possible? Here is a board with volume but which remains efficient and offers support with its thin tail when the waves push. Matt design board with insertion of the Venon logo and fins provided .

Type of waves: from 20cm to 2m.

Level of practice: amateur to advanced.

For intermediate/advanced riders, this board will allow you to surf small waves in summer as well as to load more consistent swells on rock/reef.

Outline: Fairly generous volume at the front for easy paddling and to catch as many waves as possible.

Rocker: Light to medium to generate maximum speed , go through soft sections while allowing you to surf deeper waves.

Concave: Single concave in the middle to double concave at the fins to provide drive and maneuverability .

Tail: Pintail to provide support on powerful waves.

Rails: Quite thin then pinched at the back to bring more bite into the wave and allow you to spin on soft sections.

Fins: assembly of 5 Futures plugs, delivered with fins .

Construction: Polyurethane foam block with polyester resin to offer reactivity and solidity .

Finish: Matte with metal logo insert

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