Venon 8'0 Zeppelin Planche De Surf Funboard



Ref product : ABK0800018PRP05


Discover the Zeppelin, a mini longboard with volume that surfs with the ease of a big board without the inconvenience of a longboard. Design level we find a matte pastel resin and a fabric insertion for a premium look .

Board delivered with the fins and which fits most cars.

T ype of waves : from 20cm to 1.5m.

Level of practice : large size beginner to advanced surfer.

For intermediate/advanced riders, this board will allow you to surf small waves in the summer. A beginner/occasional surfer will have enough volume to slide and evolve.

Outline : Very generous rounded volume at the front for easy paddling and to catch as many waves as possible.

Rocker : Light to generate maximum speed, pass soft sections and above all surf a maximum of waves.

Concave : Single concave in the middle to double concave at the fins to provide drive and maneuverability.

Tail : Rounded with wings to provide support and facilitate carving.

Rails : Round enough to allow spinning on soft sections.

Fins : 2 +1 assembly with 2 Futures plugs + 1 US box, delivered with fins.

Construction : Polyurethane foam block with polyester resin to offer reactivity and solidity .

Finish : Matte for a polished look.

Season SS22
Surfboard Construction Polyester
Tail Type Pintail