Venon Egg Planche De Surf



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The Venon EGG Surfboard is also the perfect choice for your next surf trip . Thanks to its versatility and its ability to adapt to various types of waves, this board will accompany you on your adventures in surfing destinations around the world.

Whether you decide to explore the iconic beaches of Australia , surf the powerful waves of Hawaii , explore the secret spots of Morocco or enjoy the hearty swells of the French west coast , the EGG surfboard will be your ally to experience memorable sessions.

Its PU (polyester/polyurethane) construction ensures high durability , making it a reliable travel companion that can withstand the rigors of transport and changing conditions. In addition, thanks to its range of available sizes, you can choose the most suitable board for your level and your surfing preferences.

Protect it with a quality cover , rinse it after each session and quickly repair any dents and cracks.
Embark on your next surf trip with Venon 's EGG Surfboard and get the most out of your experience, surfing waves around the world in style and performance.

Board delivered without fins

7'2": 21" x 2 1/2" - 44L
7'6": 20 7/8" x 2 7/8 - 52L

Type of waves : 20cm to 2m.

Level of practice : amateur to advanced

Outline : Fairly generous volume at the front for easy paddling and to catch as many waves as possible.

Rocker : Light to medium to generate maximum speed, go through soft sections while allowing you to surf deeper waves.

Concave : Single concave in the middle to double concave at the fins to provide drive and maneuverability.

Rails : Fairly round on the front 2/3 and pinched at the back to provide more grip in the wave and allow you to spin on soft sections.

Tail : Pintail to provide support on powerful waves

Fins : 2 + 1 assembly with Futures and US box plugs, delivered without fins.

Construction : Polyurethane foam block with polyester resin to offer reactivity and solidity.

Season INTP
Riding Level Intermediate - Advanced
Riding Level Advanced - Expert
Surf Shape Retro
Surf Shape Funboard
Plug Type Futures
Plug Type Rail Us Box
Included Fins No
Surfboard Construction Polyester
Tail Type Pintail
Number of Fins 3