Venon Node Fish 5'9 Planche De Surf



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Top sale, the new Node comes back with the same assets in a pastel version to offer you a sober and trendy look . No, retro fish surfboards don't have to look bland or boring to surf. Proof of this is the Node 5'9" board from Venon surfboard . Legendary surfer Beau Young surfs this type of twin fish shape himself with a channel. This fish has an advanced master beam for oaring and takes offs. easy as well as a wide channel at the tail to provide drive and maneuverability .

T ype of waves : from 40cm to 1.5m.

Level of practice : light intermediate (50-70kg) to advanced rider (70-90kg).

Outline : Generous rounded volume at the front for easy paddling and to take the maximum waves in beach breaks or on long reef waves.

Rocker : Medium to maintain performance to ensure carves, barrels and other fashionable tricks.

Concave : Single concave to double concave to provide drive and maneuverability. Large channel on the rear third to bring dynamics to the whole.

Tail : True fish tail to have class and facilitate curves.

Rails : Fairly round then pinched to provide grip on the face of the wave.

Fins : Twin 2 Futures plug assembly , delivered with fins.

Construction : Polyurethane foam block with polyester resin to offer reactivity and solidity.

Finish : Matt with metal insert of the Venon logo .

Season INTP