Venon Volute Planche De Surf Longboard



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Ready to tear up the waves? Venon's performance / versatile Volute longboard is the board for you! Designed to provide a dynamic and responsive surfing experience, this type of longboard allows you to push your limits while enjoying the benefits of a longboard.

Imagine yourself in the early morning, rowing with ease on your high-performance longboard , equipped with a 2+1 fin configuration for optimal grip . The sun is rising, and you are about to face a hollow and powerful wave . Thanks to the Volute and its narrower nose than on a classic board, you are able to make tight and fast cutbacks , leaving a trail of foam behind you.

Later, as the conditions calm down, you decide to ride smaller, looser waves. The versatile Volute adapts wonderfully, allowing you to achieve fluid and fast sequences, while maintaining great stability.

Whether for intermediate surfers or experts looking for daring maneuvers and thrills, the Venon Volute longboard is an ideal companion to meet any challenge. Experience versatile and exciting surfing by choosing a Venon longboard for your next session!

Board delivered without fins

9'0 x 22 1/2 x 2 3/4: 69L

Type of waves : 40cm to 2m.

Level of practice : Beginner to advanced

Outline: Performance / Versatile

Rocker: Medium to pronounced, a medium rocker (not too pronounced or too flat) provides a balance between responsiveness and glide, which contributes to the versatility of the board.

Rails: Medium, on a performance longboard, medium rails offer a good compromise between stability and responsiveness , which is perfectly suited to the versatility sought in this type of board.

Tail: The round tail allows for smooth transitions and smooth turns. The increased contact surface with the water provides better grip and improved control when maneuvering, which is particularly appreciated in more powerful or hollow waves . The rounded shape of the round tail allows the surfboard to follow a smoother trajectory and maintain a constant speed during turns. This fluidity is appreciated by surfers looking for a more flowing and graceful style of surfing.

Fins: 2 future plugs + US box

Construction: UV Resistant Polyester Resin, Polyurethane Core, Fiberglass

Season SS22
Riding Level Beginner - Intermediate
Riding Level Intermediate - Advanced
Surf Shape Longboard
Plug Type Futures
Plug Type Rail Us Box
Included Fins No
Surfboard Construction Polyester
Tail Type Round
Number of Fins 3