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The surf brand Venon was created in 2008 to address all surfers of all levels. Their watchword is above all the quality of their products, they are very attached to the quality of their production. In 2020, their production reaches a new stage by modernizing the entire brand. Venon boards now have a very contemporary look, built with the best materials available in the surf industry. The new range of Venon boards is now intended to be hybrid. The boards are designed for all types of surfers and are super versatile with an impressive level of performance. In terms of construction, Venon surfboards are made of polyester or PU with traditional lamination materials and techniques to achieve a strong and reliable surfboard with beautiful quality finishes. Boards Venon polyester are shaper with a CNC machine and rolled by hand with quality components such as fiber Hexcel glass, the Silmar resin and Bennett foam.

On HawaiiSurf , we offer all types of Venon boards, a wide choice that will allow you to choose the most suitable board for you. Among our available products, you can find fish , hybrid and longboard models. Venon boards are boards with a contemporary and sleek design with unmatched build quality.

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Venon Venon Marlin Planche De...
Sizes:  5.11 5.9

Venon Marlin Planche De Surf Fish

From €629.00
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Venon Venon Spectre Planche De...
Sizes:  6.10 6.3 6.6

Venon Spectre Planche De Surf Fish

From €665.00
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