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The Versus Project is the founding of one of the two most beautiful Australian bodyboard brands by pro surfers Jared Houston and Dave Winchester in 2006. More than 10 years after the founding of Versus bodyboard, the company remains one of the the most successful brands both in terms of technology and history in the world of professional bodyboarding.

Jared is as comfortable in the water in a wetsuit as he is when it comes to running his company by working for the production of bodyboard gear such as a good set of fins, a bicep leash, bodyboard bag luggage.

Of course, the spearhead of the body board brand remains the design of high-end bodyboards. You can easily start the body with your Versus bodyboard thanks to durable resin injections capable of varying the sessions in both temperate and cold waters.

Versus offers boards in SNPP, NRG, PP or PE design, all for pro boards with ISS technology, these famous removable bodyboard stringers to extend the life of your bodyboard pack, but also hardness switch depending on the water temperature while taking into account the size and power of the waves and the sometimes very deep swell as in the Landais or Basque country surf spots ...

For lovers of surf trips, the brand offers a wide range of boards for warm waters to ride in the summer season in the Canary Islands as in Australia or on the side of Bali in Indonesia ...

Versus is the assurance of having good bodyboard equipment capable of progressing quickly from a beginner level to an intermediate level. At Hawaiisurf we offer you all the good advice on how to choose your bodyboard thanks to our experts on the discipline.

Find the entire collection of Versus products for the best spots on our online shop and in our bodyboard store in Paris!

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