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Volcom is an American skateboarding apparel and accessories brand founded in 1991 in Costa Mesa , California . The brand was created by Richard Woolcott and Tucker Hall , two friends passionate about surfing , skateboarding & snowboarding . The story begins like this, Richard Woolcott and Tucker Hall leave to join the mountain ranges for a snowboard trip. Recently fired, Tucker visits his friends Nathan Fletcher and Mark Gabriel in Tahoe, North America. Cleverly, after 4 days of powder snow which no longer touched the bottom, Richard informed his boss that he had to extend his stay because he was blocked by heavy snowfall. Then comes into the world, this obsession that will never leave them again!

2 weeks later, Richard resigns and devotes himself entirely to his passion, snowboarding. Spring wipes away the cold and snow, letting inspiration create a clothing brand inspired by their worlds, snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing. $5000 is enough to launch this great adventure and generate an iconic name and logo in the shape of a stylized quartz stone . Volcom was born in the spring of 1991 ! Initially, Volcom was simply a project between friends to create skate apparel that fit their lifestyle and aesthetic. They began selling their designs at local Southern California surf and skateboard stores.

Over the years, Volcom also began sponsoring events and athletes around the world, becoming a household name in the boardsports community.

In 2005 Volcom was listed on the stock exchange and continued to grow. In addition to skate apparel and accessories, the brand also launched a women's swimwear and beachwear line, as well as a children's clothing line .

2011 , Volcom is acquired by the Kering group , a French company specializing in luxury and fashion. However, the brand continues to maintain its independent spirit and focus on its boardsports enthusiast audience.

Today, Volcom is still considered an influential brand in the boardsports community, with a global presence and a loyal fanbase.

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