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Discover the world differently with Voltaway electric bikes , the essential reference for healthy and environmentally friendly mobility. Made with special attention to eco-responsible materials, Voltaway bikes take you on an urban adventure with the flavors of the ocean. Whether it's Sunday outings or long solitary rides, you'll find the Voltaway an ideal travel companion.

At Voltaway, we don't just offer e- bikes . We also offer a wide range of ecological means of transport, including skateboards and scooters. By choosing Voltaway, you choose not only mobility , but also durability and quality .

Our bikes are equipped with the highest quality components, including Samsung batteries and Bafang motors . The expertise of these two industry giants ensures flawless reliability for our electric bikes. This winning combination makes Voltaway bikes not only high-performance , but also durable.

Live a unique experience of the Basque Coast aboard our electric bikes. Imagine the golden beaches, lush forests and breathtaking vistas that pass before your eyes as you pedal effortlessly . The Voltaway e-bike makes that journey possible, giving you the ability to travel long distances without the fatigue associated with a traditional bike.

HawaiiSurf is proud to offer you the most complete line of Voltaway products at unbeatable prices . Enjoy the best electric bikes on the market without compromising your budget. Don't wait any longer, join the healthy mobility movement with Voltaway !

The Voltaway electric bike is more than just a means of transport. It is an invitation to adventure, exploration and respect for the environment. This is an opportunity to discover the Basque Coast from a new angle, with the freedom and comfort that only an electric bike can offer. So, are you ready to hit the road with Voltaway?

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