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Wayward Wheels is the newest skate wheel brand! The company specializing in the design of quality polyurethane skateboard wheels took root thanks to two well-known pro skateboarding friends of the 2000s, since they are Andrew Brophy (ex Cliché skateboards) and the Englishman Benny Fairfax (Palace skateboards), which, as the name of the brand suggests, wanted to do something "resourceful" around a skate brand in 2014… Thus Wayward Wheels was born.

To demonstrate that this new skate brand had nothing to do with a simple Rookie status, it directly enlisted great skateboarders with an irreproachable “street” image such as the Frenchman Lucas Puig, the Brazilian Rodrigo TX, the Englishman Lucien Clarke and the American Tyler Bledsoe.

At first glance, the Wayward skate wheel offers a design that is always simple and efficient, minimalism prevails here in terms of decoration, using in flashy color tones the brand's logo on a white wheel eraser.

In terms of quality, Wayward wheels are recognized by all curb sanders as being difficult to destroy at the first big powerslide! The durability is perfect and offers a perfect anti flatspot guarantee.

With the new Wayward skate wheel, you will be able to equip your new skateboard deck and guarantee you perfect sessions in street skate mode or directly on the skateboard to make the transition and the curve.

Hawaiisurf also offers a line of skate clothing and quality streetwear look through the Wayward Wheels Skateboard textile range. Find all our skate wheels, skate t-shirts or even Wayward wheels hooded sweatshirts at the Paris Hawaii surf Skate Shop!

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