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CLWR, the initials which means "Color wear" or now renamed by its founders "Wear Color", is a young brand specializing in the design of robust clothing for the practice of winter sports.

Whether you are a fan of skiing or snowboarding, the Scandinavian brand from Sweden which draws its inspiration from skateboarding, snowboarding, freeskiing or even music.

The wearcolour company also offers collections of ski jackets and technical ski pants as well as clothing with a streetwear look. Each collection is situated between “workwear” and “fashion” inspirations, with an addition of colors giving a unique style.

With a new direction for the Winter 2018 season, the Scandinavian company has decided to rename its brand, making it more mature, fresh and recognizable to ski and snowboard enthusiasts who want to wear a brand of quality ski clothing. and original.

Beyond the "premium and stylish" look, CLWR offers many technologies that make the strength and quality of their snowboard and ski clothing. There are many membranes depending on the models of ski jacket and snowboard pants.

Hawaiisurf has selected the best of the wearcolour brand for you, carefully choosing the new collections for men's ski wear and women's ski wear. The best products like the Falk clwr parka are available in the Parisian ski shop Hawaiisurf or in our online snowboard shop all year round!

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