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The brand of skate gear Welcome Skateboards was created in 2010 in order to re-consider, according to its founders, the original side of skateboarding, the creativity and the subculture of the product. The idea was to start a small brand of skateboarding by pals for pals. Simple and effective, the message got through so well, that many skateboarders in need of new skateboard brands have grabbed hold of the brand's policy and opted to skate with these new boards which are both magnificent and qualitative. .

The founder of this skateboard company which also offers streetwear clothing collections is Jason Celaya, a pure product from California. He likes to offer boards with a lot of self-deprecating messages, and especially to allow himself to mix new school and old school shapes, straddling the cruiser skate and the freestyle skateboard intended as well for practicing in a street spot as for in skate park.

The Hawaiisurf skate shop is a fan of skatepark brands that will seek to cultivate the difference in the shape of the boards. Each Welcome skateboard complete skateboard brings its share of surprises as well by the shape, as the colors or the paintings. The finish is remarkable with for each complete skateboard a unique deck, in Canadian maple quality cut from a 7-ply wood. No more excuses to learn how to effectively manage your ollie and other classic skateboarding tricks, with both feet in your last nike SB skate shoes…

In addition to offering a good skateboard, Hawaiisurf Skateshop markets and offers good advice on skateboard accessories such as the hardness and urethane of Welcome skate wheels, or the right truck to choose to build your deck.

To go from point A to point b, Welcome skateboard also offers perfect decks for mounting a skate cruiser pack. Big, soft wheels, good rolling clearance, sturdy hardware and you're good to go.

And if the subliminal and fun messages of the brand make you “tilt”, opt for a sweatshirt, a cap or one of the products from the skate clothing category offered by Welcome Skateboard.

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