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The 3/2 wetsuit and particularly the full man neoprene is the most used in France, both on the Basque coast, on the side of Lacaneau going up through Vendée and from Brittany to Normandy, this wetsuit thickness remains the more sypathetic to put on, because it is synonymous with water at the right temperature and therefore memorable sessions.

For you surfers, wakeboarders, bodyboarders or other nautical disciplines, Hawaiisurf offers every day in the surf shop a wide choice of 3/2 wetsuits from the best brands on the market, which we carefully select from among Rip curl, Vissla , O'neill, Patagonia or hurley.

Each range of wetsuits offers a variable level of quality depending on your level and frequency of surfing, suddenly you will have a cheap wetsuit as well as pro surfer neoprene wetsuits like Kelly slater or Gabriel Medina!

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