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Because the most beautiful sessions are those with two or three individuals in the water in order to take advantage of the most beautiful series of surf waves in the ocean during the winter period, men opt for the very latest men's neoprene wetsuits in thickness 5/4 and much more for those looking for waves in the heart of tubes in ostille waters like in northern Europe!

It is not uncommon to see the practice of water sports past the peak of the summer season, and to check a surf report during the months of February and March to go find the wild surf spot in icy waters, but loaded with wicked tube in order to chain bottoms and big surf tricks!

Hawaiisurf offers a wide choice of men's winter wetsuits, and cheap wetsuits with major surf companies such as O'neil, Rip Curl, hurley and the specialist in winter neoprene wetsuits Patagonia!

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