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X-bionic 3/4 Wmn Invent® 4.0 Pants Women


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Are you looking for both functional and innovative underwear ?

With " X- BIONIC ® INVENT ® 4.0 PANTS WOMEN " for women, whatever your level , you can benefit from a significant increase in your performance from your first practice. This new generation 4.0 is the first to be able to offer you ultra-high definition " Retina ® " quality (unparalleled precision of functionality).

This functional underwear is dedicated to women who want light compression , as well as effective thermoregulation for a moderate level of activity. Thanks to a technologically innovative production on extremely precise machines, the functional areas are perfectly integrated into the rather dense material , thus being able to act with extreme precision.

The legendary " 3D Bionic Sphere ® " system ensures optimal thermoregulation in the chest , as well as in the back with more than proven efficiency. It cools when you sweat and warms when you are cold . The " Sweat Traps ® " prevent the stagnation of your perspiration and reinforce the cooling effect.

Technologies such as the " Venus XT Rib ", a vertical ventilation channel allowing to increase air exchange and thus improve the evaporation of sweat, are responsible for the ventilation controlling your body temperature. The " ProPrio-Padding " technology stabilizes and promotes balance , but also the perfect fit of your body thanks to " Aktiv-Bund " and " IDEO-Waistband ", reinforcing your comfort and thus promoting your performance .

Season FW20/21
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