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X-bionic Helmet Cap 4.0 Cap / hat


Ref product : XNDYC26U


Like the "X-Bionic High HeadBand 4.0". The " X-bionic Helmet Cap 4.0 " has the same characteristics as this one.

The 4th generation X-Bionic beanie offers Retina with ultra-high definition . The fabrics are strongly meshed with each other, which allows the thermoregulatory zones to function perfectly.

The 3D Bionic Sphere system with its Thermosyphon technology, includes 3D structures in the fabric, which will allow you to cool down when you sweat and which will warm you up when you are cold.

The Earcomp Zone will prevent heat from escaping, while perfectly ventilating the fabric in cold weather.

The Sweat Traps, on the other hand, capture moisture and prevent sweat from streaming down your body, while cooling you down without any bad feeling.

X-bionic has more than 700 international awards and has more than 800 patents for its products.

Season FW20/21
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