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X-bionic Rn Lg Sl Men Invent® Shirts Homme


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Are you looking for clothing that is both functional and innovative, whatever your level of practice?

With the " X- BIONIC ® INVENT ® 4.0 SHIRT ROUND ROUND NECK LONG SLEEVE WOMEN ", you will benefit , from the start of your practice, from a significant increase in performance . This new generation 4.0 is the first to offer you the prestigious ultra-high definition Retina ® quality (unique functionality precision).

This functional accessory, designed for women who want light compression, as well as effective thermoregulation for any level of practice. Thanks to technologically innovative production on extreme precision machines, functional areas are perfectly integrated within this exceptionally dense material and can therefore act with extreme precision.

The legendary " 3D Bionic Sphere ® " system will provide you with optimal thermoregulation both in the chest and in the back with more than proven efficiency. It cools when you sweat and warms when you are cold. The " Sweat Traps ® " prevent the stagnation of your perspiration and reinforce the cooling effect.

Technologies such as the " Air-Conditioning Channel ® ", as well as the " Air Guides ® ", are responsible for ventilation as well as for controlling your body temperature during sports practice. The " ProPrio-Padding " will give you a certain stability and will promote your balance , but also a perfect body adjustment thanks to the " Aktiv-Bund " and to the " IDEO-Waistband ", reinforcing your comfort and therefore promoting your performance .

Season FW20/21
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