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X-bionic Sl Lt Wmn Invent Roun Shirts Femme


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The prestigious brand " X- BIONIC " presents its model " X- BIONIC ® INVENT ® LT SHIRT ROUND NECK WOMEN ". It is an authentic functional clothing, whose effectiveness and patented functions have been widely proven . Thus, the more the temperature of your skin is regulated , the more your comfort as well as your pleasure during your sports practice, will be intense .

The " 3D Bionic Sphere ® " system (patented and awarded), it warms you when you are cold and it cools you when you sweat . Thanks to its intelligent regulation function, it will be able to reduce the risk of overheating during practice. It is more effective and works with higher temperatures while running, biking, trekking and other relatively intense sport.

With a tight fit and with an advantageously fine structure , this shirt can be worn under your sportswear. All you can feel: the cooling effect you expect a hot day.

Season FW20/21
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