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X-Bionic is the must-have for all athletes! Developed in Switzerland and produced in Italy, X-Bionic has more than 300 patented technologies and has won 90 international awards! Innovative textiles that regulate your temperature during exercise and maintain it at 37°C, the ideal temperature. Since 2002 X-Bionic has been at the forefront of research and innovation. Different technologies for all sportsman profiles, for example, the Energizer range is made for our afficionados, the Invent range is more directed towards leisure. A true pioneer in the art, X-Bionic continues to stand out with its increasing quality and amazing technologies.

At HawaiiSurf, we are the number one distributor of X-Bionic, and we haven't left anyone out in the cold. All ranges and prices are available, so don't wait any longer to put on your X-Bionic lycra and go on an adventure! 

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