Yow Kontiki 34 High Performance Series Surfksate



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The Kontiki 34" model refers to the arrival of surfing in Israel in 1956 thanks to soldier Dorian Paskowitz . Yow Surf wanted to highlight this story because it is too often overlooked or forgotten by riders around the world. This surfskate is the largest in the High Performance Series range . Its large dimensions provide excellent stability and good comfort , especially when speed is high and maneuvers are complicated. The high concave and integrated rockers allow better grip and good resistance in tight turns The short wheelbase of 17cm allows for deeper and more technical turns. This model is therefore more recommended for experienced riders looking for gliding sensations similar to those of surfing .

Size : 34" x 10" x 17"

Board : 7 layers of HardRock USA maple for maximum strength

YOW system : Uses an S5 Meraki system, with the new feature of a complete truck! Thanks to the hanger which is directly integrated into the system, you will have better control in order to further accentuate your maneuvers .

Trucks : YOW 9.0" Standard Silver System

Concave : High

Bearings : Abec 7 Black

Wheels : 66 x 51 MM 80 A YOW URA MUSTARD

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Season FW23/24