Yow Kontiki 34 X 10 High Performance Series Surfskate



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Yow presents its Kontiki 34 "model which is the largest board in the high performance series, so it is the most comfortable and stable when maneuvering at high speed. It has rocker in the nose and tail and a concave pronounced which will give you better grip and control for turns and air. Its short 17 "wheelbase will be ideal for fast and radical carved turns. Finally, it is equipped with the Meraki S5 system which will guarantee you better control.

Yow System : Uses an S5 Meraki system, with the novelty of a complete truck! Thanks to the hanger which is directly integrated into the Yow system, you will have better control and therefore you will be able to accentuate your maneuvers more.

Concave: High

Board : 7 layers of HardRock USA maple for maximum strength

Size : 34 "x 10"

Grip : JessUp print

Trucks : Silver / Standard 9 "

Bearings : Abec 7, the standard for combining speed and durability

Wheels : 66 x 51 MM 76A

Season INTP