Yow Waikiki 40 Classic Series Surfskate



Ref product : YOCO0022A016


The legendary long surfskate from Yow is making a comeback! The famous 40" Waikiki board, which pays homage to the favorite spot of Hawaiian surfers , is waiting for you! This model has Yow's longest board . It is indeed inspired by the classic longboards on which Hawaiians have been surfing since the beginning of the years of surfing . Its super long 26" wheelbase will allow you to perform your best hang 5s , crossovers, long turns, nose rides and other old school tricks . The light or even completely flat concave allows a vintage and authentic feeling of sliding . With its long surfskate setup, you will finally be able to practice surfing the bitumen when the water conditions are not there!

Size : 40" x 10" x 26"

Deck : 7 layers of HardRock USA maple for maximum strength

YOW system : Uses an S5 Meraki system, with the novelty of a complete truck! Thanks to the hanger which is directly integrated into the system, you will have better control in order to further accentuate your maneuvers .

Trucks : YOW System 9.0" Standard Silver

Concave : Low

Bearings : Abec 7 Black

Wheels : 66x51MM 80A YOW Ura White

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Season SS22
Truck Type YOW S5 Meraki