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Who has never wanted to experience the sensations on the surf and both feet on their surfboard while cruising on their cruiser skate? The YOW Surf brand has completely transformed everyone's dream into a daily reality ...

Designing a link between the surf wave and the smell of asphalt, by going to reproduce the movement of your surfboard on your skateboard, it was the original idea of this brand to want to manufacture a skate truck that reproduce as faithfully as possible the movements of sea surfing, while being able to practice when the swell was not there.

Riding as in surfing but without the inconvenience of its neoprene suit, of worrying about the transport of its gear and its surfboard, it is all the comfort that Yow "Your Own Wave" offers you with its pairs of skateboard trucks equipped with three different spring levels so you can choose the Yow cruiser skate that best suits your needs.

The soft flex that will allow you to make sharp turns like on a shortboard type board, while the medium spring will do the job to combine balance and creativity like on a lonboardskate and finally the truck with a stiffer spring to go. look for more progressive and smooth turns in your curves and long turns. So it's up to you to judge with which type of Yow trucks you are going to pump at high speed or quite simply to opt for the fact of having a cool stroll by the sea ...

The YOW is not designed for use in skatepark mode, however cruiser mode in the waves of a bowl or snake is adrenaline guaranteed! Forget the electric skate trend because with the Yow, your pair of skate shoes and a little practice with a poe, you will enjoy riding with this very pleasant, typically Californian machine.

In your Hawaiisurf skateshop, you will find a whole set of skateboard protections such as helmets, elbow pads and knee pads to provide you with good protection when you start Yow carving. If you ever wanted to upgrade your complete skateboard, Yow also offers a solid selection of Yow skate wheels, hardware and accessories.

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YOW Yow Spring V3 4mm
Sizes:  4 MM

Yow Spring V3 4mm

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YOW Yow Plan B 33 Pukas Surfskate
Sizes:  33

Yow Plan B 33 Pukas Surfskate

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