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If there is one brand that has perfectly managed to combine Skateboard, Punk Rock, Rock n roll or even Thrasher culture, it is of course the brand founded in 1996 by Jamie Thomas, ZERO SKATEBOARDS!

It remains one of the most iconic brands, even 20 years after its creation, having offered the international skateboard scene a lot of high quality skateboard products and with a vision that has always claimed the underground and rebel side of skateboarding. At the Hawaiisurf skateshop, we have always supported the early days of Zero Skate, the smallest product of the North American skate brand.

In a recent interview for Solo Skatemag, the boss and founder of the brand "Jamie Thomas says The Chief in the skateboard world" explained that he founded Zero Skateboards to make the discipline of skate less boring, because apart from the drawings of Ed Templeton at Toy Machine, he found the boards without souls ...

At the end of the 90s, the Zero Skateboards brand became one of the benchmarks in the skate market thanks in particular to its pro skater team who distinguished themselves in skate videos such as "Thrill Of It All, Misled Youth" . These first two opus of the brand have made known the full potential of the brand through street sessions, suddenly big rail, hubba or sick ditch!

Jamie Thomas has always wanted his brand to remain “pure” and oriented Skateboard rather than fashion and lifestyle like some brands which are now streetwear labels rather than Skate brands like in their early days ...

Today the brand with more maturity, demonstrates that it is still necessary to count on it with a pool of skaters like Tommy Sandoval, Dane Burman, James Brockman, Windsor James and of course still the conductor. Jamie Thomas.

If you like Skateboard culture through skull graphics, dark colors, then you will appreciate our selection of Zero Skateboards decks in our Parisian skate shop.

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