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The Australians of Zion Wetsuits have not done things by halves by launching this brand new brand of wetsuit, having the merit of satisfying all practitioners of Bodyboard and also of Surf!

With ZION, no "cold war", regardless of the water temperature, you will inevitably find the neoprene wetsuit you need to be able to practice your favorite water sport, whether it is standing on your surfboard or lying on your bodyboard.

The Zion brand is above all a buddy Crew, including the same people who are also behind underground Bodyboard brands like Drag. So it is logical to find in this brand of wetsuit surfing, an underground state of mind, far from the big marketing side, surf and bodyboard competitions, prize money… Here we savor the pleasure of practicing our nautical activity, whatever the conditions. .

And yes Zion comes from Australia, one of the king countries for sports like Surfing or Body boarding, but the conditions are extreme, with two real seasons Winter and Summer, so you can at Hawaiisurf find all the selection of the best Zion neoprene wetsuit models, with style and comfort like the already classic Zion Cortez and Zion Steamer, available in 3/2 wetsuits, 4/3 wetsuits and 5/4 wetsuits.

Zion is like Hawaiisurf, it's authentic and we love multi-discipline brands for the beauty of the videos that Zion has the merit of making with his riders like Dave Winchester in Bodyboard or Kyle Mad in surfing.

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