Skate Bearings

Discover the best bearing brands for smooth sessions and successful tricks.

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Discover the best bearing brands for smooth sessions and successful tricks.

Have you just acquired your new skateboard and your desire to continue to progress as an experienced skateboarder on your skateboard requires more efficient skateboard equipment?

Count on our wide selection of skateboard accessories, like our range of quality bearings to make you want to hit the skate park every day.

Each brand of skateboard generally offers sets of bearings bearing the image of the brand such as Plan B or pro rider bearings like Nyjah Huston. But the best thing is to throw yourself with your eyes closed on the cutting-edge selection of your Hawaiisurf skate shop with the best selection of ball bearings like the legendary Bones Redz or the cheap Powell Mini logo skate bearings.

As in all urban sports that have wheels, the bearing is a mandatory accessory to effectively configure your complete skateboard and freestyle pack. You must therefore take into account your budget but above all your needs, such as the robustness of the bearing, the fluidity and speed of rolling or even resistance to humidity.

So your beautiful urethane wheels need to become one with your new set of Flip bearings.

You can also find all our advice on the skateboard buying guide and on our video which explains how to choose your skateboard bearings?

In addition to your bearings, skate bearings, also opt for a skate tool in the skateboard accessories section to easily mount them on your new skateboard.