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The ready-to-wear brand RVCA was founded in 2001 by Pat M.Tenore, inspired by the culture of Southern California , in other words surfing, skating, art, fashion and jiu jistu.

The name RVCA, which is pronounced "RUCA" means "clothing" in Greek, evokes for him the balance of opposites , the famous slogan of the brand " the balance of opposites " and their constant co-existence. For him, all his words with contrary meanings have meaning and he demonstrates this within his adventure, RVCA. This textile brand is inspired by and permanently represents this balance of opposites with the world of board sports , surfing and skateboarding, water and asphalt. The brand proudly shows its interest in contemporary art and fashion , for a designer , refined style, good vibes and life style with a vintage California feel.

RVCA does not define itself as a sports brand , so it appeals to sports enthusiasts, from skateboarding to surfing, as well as non-athletes. RVCA is inspired by different urban styles and trends , such as photography, contemporary art, skateboarding, surfing, music. It notably calls on artists such as the skateboarder, photographer and graphic designer Ed Templeton, the musician Matt Costa, the actor Ewan Mc Gregor and many others. All its elements and inspirations make RVCA an original brand in its own right.

The HawaiiSurf team is therefore particularly proud to offer you a selection of men's and women's items from the RVCA brand. You will therefore find a wide choice of clothing signed RVCA, products with a graphic, trendy and casual style. In the Men's selection we offer you a complete wardrobe from accessories to clothing : caps, t-shirts, shirts, pants, shorts, jackets, sweatshirts. For women, a wide choice of clothes, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sets and pants.

Discover and adopt the Californian style of RVCA, on our HawaiiSurf site!