Once upon a time ... NOMADS SURFING

Once upon a time ... NOMADS SURFING

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Nomads Surfingis above all the story of three friends, three surfers, three travelers: Basile, Nicolas and Thomas.Nomads founders
First conceived in April 2017, Nomads Surfing is taking shape in 2018 with a clear goal: to create a responsible surf brand, eliminating the need to choose between passion and ecology. After all, there's nothing more natural than protecting your playground.

Today, Nomads is a pioneer in Europe, offering a complete range of eco-designed, locally manufactured surfboards and accessories:

  • Surfboards and accessories are manufactured in Portugal and in France, within an 800 km radius of the head office (Bordeaux). This approach favors the local economy while guaranteeing social conditions in line with European standards.
  • Production is carried out responsibly, using recycled, recyclable and/or natural materials to minimize environmental impact.

Nomads Surfing thinks every day about what tomorrow's surfing should be. The team works tirelessly to provide surfers with alternatives, particularly in terms of product end-of-life, rental and second-hand. The brand is present in over 110 partner stores, and even has its own surf shop in Lacanau.

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Surfboards and classic accessories are mainly made from materials derived from the oil industry, which contributes significantly to pollution. On average, the surf industry generates around 220,000 tonnes of CO2 per year, exacerbating its impact on the environment. To mitigate this carbon footprint, the brand is committed to sourcing and developing alternative raw materials that reduce this pollution.

  • Daggerboards The Nomads range of fins is made from 70% UPSEA recycled fishing nets, certified Craddle to Craddle, and reinforced with 30% fiberglass for added strength. Manufactured in Clermont-Ferrand, France, by their plastics partner, these fins reduce your CO2 emissions by 50% compared with fins from Asia.
fishing line
  • Pads85% recycled cork and 15% natural bark.  Made in France in the Landes region by an EPV-certified company from 85% recycled cork and 15% natural bark. The LCA carried out enables us to announce a 62% reduction in CO2 emissions compared with EVA foam traction pads from Asia.
  • LeashConceived, designed and manufactured in France, this leash allows you to reduce your carbon footprint.
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  • Boards Made from 100% recyclable recycled polystyrene foam (EPS). The resin is 40% bio-sourced.

Concrete actions 

The brand takes its commitment to associations a step further by creating the Nomads Ocean Care endowment fund. This fund collects funds from partners and donates them to associations committed to protecting the oceans.
Faced with the alarming fact that a truckload of plastic is dumped into the ocean every minute, Nomads is launching the One Ocean For All movement in 2021. The aim is to bring together all organizations wishing to protect the planet by collecting donations to support associations working in the field.
It's a plastic recycling workshop initiated by Dave Hakkens, straight from the Netherlands. Its mission is as follows: To enable plastic waste to be reprocessed and given a second life, using machines that you can build yourself.
And this time there's no patent, as all the information is available online free of charge - it's a 100% open source project.

Social commitment

Because there can be no climate justice without social justice, Nomads is committed to social projects:

  • Coucou Petite Méduse: A group of surfers from Brittany who organize surf trips to remote spots on their own, raising awareness of surfing among children and offering former surfers the chance to resume their passion. They also distribute equipment in isolated areas, notably in Morocco.
  • The Paddle Paddle Surf Project: This association collects surfboards and surf accessories, repairs them and sends them to countries around the world, raising awareness of social and environmental issues through surfing.
  • Grain de sable : A humanitarian association based in Mérignac, Gironde, which carries out solidarity projects with underprivileged populations in various countries. In particular, they collect end-of-life flip-flops during their travels and bring them back to France to transform them into new pads. 

Nomads SurfingBefore being a brand, it's above all a community with strong convictions, committed to the fight against global warming and the preservation of the ocean.

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