HawaiiSurf is above all and since 1976 a team of enthusiasts dedicated to offering you the best possible experience in your favorite sport. Whether you are looking for skis or snowboards for the winter season, surfing or bodyboarding to hit the waves or skateboarding or rollerblading to stay on dry land, we are here to advise you, whatever your level or discipline. .

Lea, Marketing

Originally from Picardy, Léa started as an Artistic Director in Paris, nourishing her imagination with the excitement of the capital. Curious and creative, she draws inspiration from her environment, merging her passion for surfing with a constant thirst for discovery. Hyperactive by nature, she is always ready to embark on new adventures, full speed on the steering wheel of her motorcycle or on a trip with her van. His boundless energy brings a unique dynamic to each project and a good vibe in our team.

Sports practiced: Surfing, Surfskate, Climbing

Top brands: Volcom, Channel Islands, Lost

Jérôme, Purchase

Passionate about surfing, Jérôme puts his expertise at the service of the team. In close collaboration with brands, he always strives to obtain the best products to satisfy the needs of our customers. His passion for board sports is reflected in his determination to carefully select superior quality products, incorporating the latest technological advances, to offer our customers the best possible experience.

Sports practiced: Surfing, Snowboarding, Skateboarding

Top brands: Torq, Carhartt, Al Merrick

Justine, Ecommerce

Rather reserved and focused at work, the native of St-Lary in the Pyrenees does not wait for anyone on the slopes and even less on lines of committed kickers. With extensive experience in resorts and in the mountains, she will reassure you in your choices for your piste, freeride and park skis as well as for your shoes or bindings.

Sports practiced: Skiing

Top brands: Volcom, Faction, Carhartt

Mateo, Purchase

Originally from the southwest, he juggles between skateboarding in calm weather and surfing when the waves break. Modest but competent, he provides valuable advice on choosing the right surf equipment. With it, avoid beginner's mistakes and discover the latest innovations in sliding equipment.

Sports practiced: Surfing, Skateboarding, Skiing

Top brands: Plan B, Fcs, Mdns Surf

Suellen, Customer Service

Originally from Brazil, Suellen has lived in France for more than five years. In addition to being fluent in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, she is an avid yoga practitioner, an avid surfer and a jujitsu champion. With this varied expertise, she ensures quality customer service and is ready to respond to all your concerns.

Sports practiced: Surfing

Top brands: Torq, Ripcurl, Voltaway

Benjamin, Ecommerce

A young alpine rider, he started skiing at age 6, but quickly turned to snowboarding. Despite the first plate bindings and second-hand ski boots from the 90s, his passion for powder descents with friends remained intact. Need advice on choosing a board, a type of flex or a boot fit? Contact Benjamin, snowboard expert.

Sports practiced: Snowboarding, Surfing, Skateboarding

Top brands: Patagonia, Union, Real

Elodie, Brands and network

Originally from Polynesia, Elodie, our brand and network manager spreads a
contagious energy within the team. Its role is to guarantee a
cohesion between our field operations and our digital presence, creating
an essential balance for the success of Hawaiisurf. As soon as she finds time
free, she embarks on roadtrip adventures, hiking weekends
or trips to his native lands, thus bringing renewed energy to
the whole team!

Sports practiced: Snowboarding, Stand up paddle

Top brands: Volcom, Torq, Rhythm

Richard, Ecommerce

New recruit to the team and already validated by the team, this northerner is a fan of kite surfing, Belgian beers and cycling. His determination and commitment make him a driving force in our team.

Sports practiced: Skiing, Skateboarding

Top brands: Globe, Volcom, Salty Crew

David, Logistics

David is a pillar of our product shipping team. With his dedication and attention to detail, he ensures that each package leaves our warehouses on time. His organizational skills and commitment to customer satisfaction make him an indispensable asset to the team.

Sports practiced: Stand up paddle, Surfskate

Top brands: Carver, Yow, Ari nui

Edouard, SEO

Originally from Normandy, Edouard is also a surfing enthusiast. With more than 8 years of experience in SEO, he has collaborated and supported major brands in the board sports industry. He left his native region to come live in the South-West, where he can fully devote himself to his passion.

Sports practiced: Surfing

Top brands: Al Merrick, Rip Curl, Fcs