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When two legends of Freestyle skateboarding say to each other “what if we started creating a new skateboard brand?” » well this gives the fusion of all the ideas and conception of skateboarding according to Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song to give birth in 2003 to the skateboard brand, Almost Skateboards.

When we see all the creativity that the two friends have brought to their skateboards, we could only hope for the same thing at the launch of Almost Skate. It's done and even more than perfect, with the design of revolutionary decks guaranteeing better pop and greater strength of the equipment, thanks to the expert laboratories of the Dwindle group (Blind Skate, Enjoi skateboard and Darkstar skate).

From the beginning, Almost Skateboard wanted to be an innovative brand, offering decks that were both fun in terms of design but above all more robust with the idea of ​​adding carbon fiber reinforcements under the truck area, and more lightness with glue. made of epoxy resin like in surfboards.

To highlight this ingenious creativity of their products, the two friends were given carte blanche to create one of the most “stylish and clever” skateboard teams to see skating. When you have Chris Haslam going wild on a mini ramp, while Mister Greg Lutzka takes care of sanding the switch curbs in all directions we could only validate the entry into the running of this new skate company from the 2000s !

Almost skateboard has also committed itself with great solidarity following the death of Lewis Marnell and therefore the cause against Diabetes. Thus, through superb skateboards from the late “Rasta”, the soul of Lewis still lives through Almost skateboard.

Almost Skate also offers ready-to-ride skate packs to satisfy beginners in the industry with boards with various brand logos, focusing on quick and enjoyable learning of the basics of skateboarding.

Almost skateboards has established itself as an iconic brand in the skateboard deck landscape, focusing on quality and innovation. A project that has always appealed to the Hawaiisurf skate shop, and we had to support the brand's cause!