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HawaiiSurf offers you a year-round selection of discounted products! This special offers category is updated daily to bring you the best selection of sports brand products. To help you find the product that's right for you, HawaiiSurf regularly offers a wide range of brand-name products at low prices.

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From ready-to-wear with men's, women's and children's clothing, caps, shoes, bags and more, to sports equipment with a whole host of accessories and equipment for the boardsports world.

Do you ski or snowboard? Check out this category regularly, where we offer ski masks and helmets at over 40% off, skis, bindings, poles, boots, as well as snowboard bindings and boards at 30% off.

If you're into skateboarding , you'll find a wide choice of longboards, complete skateboards, decks, cruisers, truck wheels and skate accessories.

As well as rollerblades, rollerblading shoes, turntables, etc...

In surfing and bodyboarding, we offer surfboards at 30% off, Ripcurl, Vissla and Madness neoprene wetsuits, bodyboards Pride and Sniper at -35% as well as paddle à -40 %.

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