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Since 1889, the American workwear world of Carhartt Wip has been the talk of the town, with its legendary Bib Overall, must-have T-shirts and sweatshirts, not to mention casual jeans.

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Since 1889, the American workwear world of Carhartt Wip has been the talk of the town, with its legendary Bib Overall, must-have T-shirts and sweatshirts, not to mention casual jeans.

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The history of Carhartt WIP: a pioneer in the workwear industry

L'brand history began in 1889 with the manufacture of traditional workwear. Hamilton Carhartt, the brand's founder, set his sights on the American workwear market. The first garments were created with just four sewing machines and five employees. The first piece created by the brand was the essential dungarees in cotton canvas or denim. The garment that still makes us dream!

As the years go by, the company continues to expand. The company set up cotton mills in Georgia, South Carolina, Detroit, Dallas and San Francisco.

The American brand also played an important role in the First World War in 1914, producing work uniforms for the military. With a total of 17 factories at the time, Carhartt was a victim of its own success, reaching new heights of economic success in the first two decades of the 20th century. The brand was still around during the Second World War. Our soldiers once again called on the brand's expertise to satisfy their need for robust, durable clothing.

1994: Edwin Faeh creates Carhartt Work In Progress (WIP ). The brand continues to impose its traditional style, but this time beyond American territory. The American company has every intention of shining internationally with its storied enterprise. In 1996, they obtained a license to manufacture their products outside the USA. The following year saw the launch of their first international collection.

Carhartt Wip is the pioneering company in the workwear textile industry. Edwin Faeh has never lost sight of his predecessor's history. The collections are still inspired by the traditional workwear style invented by founder Hamilton. Functional, minimalist and comfortable clothing is, and always will be, the brand's DNA. All their pieces are true timeless pieces made from beautiful materials designed to last over time.

After opening their first store in London in 1997, the brand now has over 80 physical outlets worldwide. The brand continues to offer iconic pieces inspired by its American culture and love of craftsmanship. Not forgetting the many inspirations and commitments to the subcultures that have adopted them. It has emancipated itself with the precious help of many American artists: rappers, directors, actors, street artists and children.

Present in the skateboard and music industries. The workwear specialist is much more than a clothing brand. Since the 2000s, many collaborations have confirmed their success. Among the biggest names: Converse, Nike, A.P.C, Motown, Fragment Design... One thing's for sure, the American brand has not finished making waves!

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