Explore our range of quality skates, designed for speed, comfort and style.

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Explore our range of quality skates, designed for speed, comfort and style.

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The passion for inline skating for all board sports

At HawaiiSurf, our selection of inline skates is dedicated to all fans of this sport, offering incomparable freedom and agility on wheels. Our roller skates, available at competitive prices, are perfect for men, women and children. We offer models for all sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for every rider. The quality, comfort and durability of our roller skates guarantee an exceptional urban skating experience, suitable for all levels.

Roller quad: retro charm accessible to all

The range of quad rollerblades from HawaiiSurf combines retro style and modern technology. These rollerblades, available for adults and children, are perfect for walks by the sea or dance or slalom sessions. With quality wheels and models available in different sizes, our quad roller skate offering is ideal for all ages and skills.

Rollerblading accessories: for a complete experience

We offer a wide selection of rollerblading accessories to complete your equipment. From replacement inline skate wheels or quad skate wheels to essential protection for adults and children, we have everything you need for a safe and enjoyable roller skating experience.

From essential protective gear, like roller skating helmets , elbow pads and knee pads , to replacement wheels and spare parts, our roller skating accessories are designed to improve your safety and skating enjoyment.

Our accessories are available for purchase, ensuring you easily find what you need to maintain and customize your skates.

Commitment to quality, advice and availability

Our commitment at HawaiiSurf goes beyond just selling rollerblades. We offer skates of all sizes and for all ages, adult and child, with expert advice to help you choose the best equipment for you. Whether you are looking for a roller skate for women, men or children, our team is here to guide you towards the available products that meet your needs.

Discover our complete range

Explore the world of roller skating with HawaiiSurf. Our varied selection meets all needs and budgets, and our products are always available to ensure you find the ideal roller skate. Whether for sport, leisure or style, discover the freedom and pleasure of roller skating with our complete range of skates and accessories.