Men's 4/3 Wetsuits

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Practicing a water sport (surfing, bodyboarding, sup or foiling) all season long, even when the water starts to get colder and the summer weather gives way to darker days, it is perfectly possible thanks to a perfect combination of surf 4/3mm, spring or autumn type. This thickness of surf wetsuit is ideal for you gentlemen to practice your favorite discipline in complete safety while always staying warm and dry for maximum fun.

The best surf waves are often in Autumn for us French residents, so after a good check of a surf report, opt for a 4/3 men's surf suit from Rip curl, Patagonia or O'neill and go surf the superb tubes offered by Landes or Breton surf spots!

The best inexpensive surf wetsuits from major surf brands are always available in our Hawaiisurf surf shop! Our surf advisors will offer you the model adapted to your body type and budget, always finding the latest news and technologies. Front zip, back closure, eco neoprene designed for successful sessions!