Our history

HawaiiSurf: A Surfing Epic Since 1976

Discover the history of our entity, a pioneer in the field for more than four decades. Founded in 1976, HawaiiSurf is the most authentic brand in the distribution of equipment intended for the practice of board sports such as Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Surfing, Skiing and Rollerblading. The adventure was born thanks to its first store located in the heart of the town of Ivry-sur-Seine, in the Paris region. This is where HawaiiSurf begins to build its expert image. The Ivry shop quickly became a hangout for Parisian riders!

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The Digital Revolution: The digital pioneers

With the advent of the digital age, HawaiiSurf has taken a new crucial step by launching its online sales platform. From now on, customers around the world could access a complete range of surfing products, while benefiting from HawaiiSurf's expertise. It was in 1997 that HawaiiSurf decided to conquer digital by creating the very first French website for the resale of equipment and textiles specializing in the board sports sector. With its product offering, the site quickly becomes efficient thanks to relevant referencing and an impressive choice for our customers.

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Stores Across France: The Evolution Continues

HawaiiSurf has continued to grow and innovate. The company has opened new stores, bringing the passion for skiing to other communities across France. Coastal destinations like Saint Jean de Luz and Mimizan have enthusiastically welcomed HawaiiSurf stores, becoming rallying points for local board sports enthusiasts.

Personalized service for over 40 years!

Today, HawaiiSurf remains faithful to its passion for surfing. With its physical stores, online store and rich history of expertise and commitment to the boardsports community, HawaiiSurf continues to be the undisputed leader in the industry. The history of this company is one of passion, innovation and commitment to the culture of board sports. And this story promises to continue writing exciting new chapters in the decades to come. Aloha!

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Join the Hawaii adventure!

At HawaiiSurf, we are determined to share our love for surfing with you. Join us to follow the rest of our adventure and celebrate the culture of the ocean, the passion for the mountains, the spirit of adventure and respect for nature. More than just a reseller, we are a community of enthusiasts, and we would love to see you be part of our story.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

The HawaiiSurf team.