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Real Skateboards has more than 25 years serving skateboarding within the prestigious DLXSF group, which also includes skateboard brands ranging from the marketing of a deck, skate pack, skateboard wheels and skate accessories with Krooked, Antihero, Thunder or Spitfire wheels.

Founded in 1991 near San Francisco, the Real brand, which literally means “Real”, is positioned as a skateboard company that has conveyed from the beginning the same message intended for skateboarders by the skateboarder! Founded by pro skaters and living legends of the skate board scene, Tommy Guerrero and Jim Thiebaud, having left Powell-Peralta and its overly business side, to convey a good image of skateboarding closer to skaters in all skate parks around the world …

The team is made up of superb modern skateboarding talents, such as pro rider Denis Busenitz (you probably know his skate shoe model at Adidas Skateboarding), but also Ishod Wair (Nike Sb team), or even Justin Broc, or the founder from the skate shoe brand Huf, Keith Hufnagel!

At the heart of the Real Skateboard brand where you will find a whole bunch of good Skate products, such as complete skateboards, skateboards, Deck alone but also multiple collaborations with brands like Hu in skate shoes or Nike Sb.

To match your skateboard to your style, what could be better than a superb selection of streetwear clothing including t-shirts, hoodies and Real skateboard caps!

At the heart of our skate shop and online skateboard store, Hawaiisurf offers all of the Real skateboard collections since the brand's arrival in France... You can come and choose all of the Real skateboard gear, with specific advice for know how to choose your skateboard?