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Independent Skateboard, "the skateboard truck company" and its slogan "They are fuckin hot!" is the most renowned and well-known brand of skateboard trucks in the skateboard industry.

Released at the end of the 70s, this brand gave a facelift to the time when Tony Hawk was just a young rider climbing the steps towards the glory of the "taulier" of skateboarding. Its devastating logo in the shape of a revisited iron cross gives a real core and rebel side to skateboarding in the 80s. Designed in 1978 in Newark, California by the late Fausto Vitello, the Independent skateboard trucks are of high quality designed and recognized throughout the world by skateboarders. The axle called the kingpin has given a legendary side to these skateboard trucks known as the most robust on the skateboard market.

At the heart of this skateboard company you can see riding legends like Andrew Reynolds, Anthony Van Engelen, David Gonzales, Steve Caballero, Omar Salazar, Tony Hawk and many more pro skateboarders since the team has more than 100 pro riders who swear as well as the robustness and stability of these skateboard trucks, suitable for skateparks, streets or ramps!

The company based in Santa Cruz, California, also offers a superb line of skate clothing constantly inspired by the "iron cross" logo of the skateboard truck brand, with skate t-shirts but also skateboard jackets and several hoodies and hoodies. cap featuring the independent skateboards logo.

Hawaiisurf is among the largest resellers of the Californian brand Independent in France. We offer you a wide choice of trucks, from basic to ultra light or ultra strong, you will definitely find the right truck for your skateboard.

The endless grind is yours, and the Skateboard style with all the Streetwear Independant Skateboards collections...