Santa Cruz

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Santa Cruz is a legendary brand in the world of skateboarding. Created in the 1970s in Santa Cruz, California, the brand gained popularity thanks to explosive designs and a logo that has become legendary, the famous blue "Screaming Hand". Behind this logo is the prolific artist Jim Phillips. Created in 1985, this hand represents the most powerful tool for an artist. Jim Phillips wanted to pay homage to it and reveal all its strength by adding a mouth screaming his emotions. It was once this hand was drawn that Jim Phillips thought it could make a pretty cool logo. He had a keen eye since today we no longer dissociate this screaming hand from the Santa Cruz skate brand. Having become a true emblem of skaters, it has greatly contributed to the success of the Santa Cruz Skateboards brand.

The brand also continues to appeal to skaters, thanks to a range of skateboards ranging from US boards to vintage Santa Cruz cruisers, including series of themed boards such as the Santa Cruz Marvel series and the Santa Cruz Star Wars series. It is also developing a range of Santa Cruz clothing intended for skaters and fashion addicts with Santa Cruz T-shirts, socks and sweatshirts featuring the Santa Cruz logo.