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Discover our selection of freestyle skis!

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Discover our selection of freestyle skis!

At Hawaiisurf, immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of freestyle skiing, a discipline that combines sport, acrobatics and style. Our selection of freestyle skis is designed for skiers of all levels, from beginners to professionals, looking to push their limits on the slopes and in the backcountry.

Freestyle Skiing: Versatility and Style

Our freestyle skis are perfect for those who enjoy practicing various ski disciplines, from freeride skiing to impressive jumps on the moguls of the Alps. With brands like Volkl and Faction , you are guaranteed to have quality equipment, tested and approved by French and international skiers. Each ski is designed to provide excellent performance on piste and in fresh snow, allowing you to perform acrobatic tricks with ease.

Size and Fixation: Adapted to Your Practice

We offer a wide range of sizes and bindings for our freestyle skis, ensuring that each skier finds the ideal model for their level and practice. Whether you are looking for skis for daring jumps or for more versatile use in the resort, our range will meet your needs. The rigorous testing carried out on our skis ensures safety and performance, whether you're on groomed slopes or in the backcountry.

For All Skiers

Our freestyle skis stand out for their unique look, offering a combination of attractive colors and graphics that reflect your personal style. In addition to their design, we take care to offer skis at competitive prices, making freestyle skiing accessible to everyone. Whether you are looking for skis for occasional practice or for a more regular discipline, at Hawaiisurf you will find the equipment suited to your budget and your expectations.

Freestyle Skiing with Hawaiisurf

Discover our range of freestyle skis and choose the equipment that suits you to explore this fascinating discipline. With options available for sale and sometimes even second-hand, Hawaiisurf is your ideal partner for entering the exciting world of freestyle skiing. Get ready to live unforgettable experiences, perform breathtaking jumps and master moguls with the best equipment available in France.